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Scouring / Bleaching

1. Natosil MKL

A unique blend of scouring, stain removing, wetting out, semi desizing and leveling properties.

2. Natosil MB

Anti - tinting, soaping, washing off agent for cotton as well as synthetics. Anti migrating effect in pad dyeing. Reserving effect in blended fabric dyeing in one bath process.

3. Natosil GKD

Desizing, scouring, wetting out. Stain removing agent for cotton and natural fabrics.

4. Natosil CDP

Versatile wetting agent, color accelerant, leveling, soaping, washing off and anti migrating agent for natural and synthetics fabrics.

5. Nataclaw SA

It is a powerful highly dispersing and chelating agent, which stops the formation of Ca, Mg salts of reactive dyes in hydrolyzing dyeing of cellulosic as well as blended and synthetics

6. Natopros PSB

It is a peroxide stabilizer for alkaline peroxide bleaching liquor. It is effective for slow and complete absorption of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide to the fabric giving excellent whiteness. It protects the fiber very well.

7. Natosub SAS

It is a unique product recently developed by our R & D team. It is good substitute for Soda Ash. The use of soda ash can be completely avoided, without any adverse effect on fabric/yarn under process.

8. Natotex AT

Anti tinting washing, level dyeing agent for Disperse, Reactive, Vat, Direct, Napthols etc. dyeing process.

9. Tektone R(Liq.)

It is a stabilized bleaching and stripping agent for cellulosic, synthetics and blends. It is entirely new type of BLEACHING AGENT specially developed for direct use under jigger or winch process.

10. Natotex RS (Liq.)

A unique blend of Stain Removing, scouring, and wetting out properties for various fabrics in jet dyeing and Kier boiling processes.

11. Natozyme LP

It is an enzyetic de-gumming agent for silk, Wool, and leather treatment.