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1. Natocol PCL It is an acrylic finishing agent with steriomide for body and soft feel. If gives excellent finish with body and softness. The fabric becomes heavier in weight.
2. Natofinish 301 It is a versatile blended product with major part of amino-silicon with other ingredients to impart extra softness on all types of synthetics and cotton fabrics. The softness is permanent.
3. Natofinish KVDS It gives excellent crease resistant finish, with required body and little softness. It is based on blended cross linking agent with other ingredients, designed in such a way to give crease recovery with added body to the fabric.
4. Natasoft SS It is an excellent softening agent based on amino-silicon for polyester and blended fabrics. It is entirely based on amino-silicon perfectly emulsified with high grade of emulsifying agent. It is very well modified with other ingredients to increase the added softness.
5. Natofinish DR It is a versatile self finish product for polyester, cotton, viscose, and other synthetic and non-sysnthetic blends. It is based on different polymers blended in such a way to impart excellent finish on the varieties of fabrics at very low cost. It produces full and firm handle with softness, without cracking effect on fabrics
6. Natosil FB It is based with silicon type softness with modified polymers to give body with more softness. It covers the pores of the fabrics caused due to weaving difficulties. It is versatile self finish product for cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylics and its blends.
7. Natofin HF It specially designed as self finish product for finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and its blends. It is based on different polymers along with plastisizers, giving full body with little soft handle.
8. Natomine SWP It is a cationic, wash fast softner mainly for natural and synthetic fiber / fabrics and its blends.
9. Natasoft HP

It is an excellent softening agent based on hydrophilic silicon for polyester and its blends. It is based on non - repellency, hydrophilic silicones, specially designed for finishing of Terry Towels, bed sheets, furnishing fabrics etc, where absorbency is required.

10. Natomine AS It is versatile anti - slipping agent for polyester, cotton viscose acrylic fabrics and its blends. It is a combination of co-polymer with other finishing agent to give proper anti-slipping effect.
11. Natosil PA It is a versatile new making in stopping the pilling of all types of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and its blends. It is the new blending process of certain low cost polymers imparting very good anti - pilling effect with soft handle on varieties of fabrics.
12. Natosil WF It is a versatile self crease-resistant agent with required softness to the fabrics of all varieties. It is based on cross linking agent blended with other ingredients in such a way to impart crease recovery with extremely soft handle.
13. Natofinish PE It is a polyethylene emulsion for finishing of natural and synthetic fabrics. It gives supportive finish along with softners or additives. It improves tear strength and abration resistance of the fabric.
14. Natosilkofin It is a silicon emulsion having highly softening and water repellency properties on various types of fabrics. It is based on amino oils of high viscosity emulsified with higher grade of emulsifying agent, which imparts water repellency and softness.
15. Natosoft SS-PR It is an excellent softening agent based on amino - silicon modified with other ingredients to increase the added softness.
16. Natofinish BP It is based on cellulose enzymetic ingredients meant for extra smoothness with total suppleness. Also imparts effect of anti-pilling property of ever lasting finish on cellulosic fabrics and its blends with polyester, viscose, acrylic etc.
17. Natoprotex It is a thermoplastic acrylic co- polymer emulsion with a lower viscosity compared to poly vinyl acetate emulsion at equal concentration. It is non - ionic and can be used in conjunction with any of the common finishing agents. It imparts soft and crisp handle with a firm body.
18. Natosoft EM It is a non - ionic softner for natural and synthetic fibers/fabrics and its blends. It is used for wash-n-wear finishing of textile fabrics.
19. Natalon NY It is non-yellowing cationic softner, which imparts luxurious soft feel with a cottonish look on polyester, acrylic, cotton and its blends.
20. Natobounce CR It is versatile product, which imparts soft finish with good bounce. It is suitable for all varieties of synthetics and its blends.
21. Natofinish 99 It is a poly vinly alcohol based stiffening agent, which gives good body, drape, with smoothness to the treated fabrics. It is suitable for natural and synthetics and its blends.
22. Natofresh R This is speciallity finishing agent for fabrics or garments, which releases pleasant fragrance during its use in finishing. It imparts fragrance to Cellulosics and their blends.