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Dyeing And Printing

1. Natolube JD

It is versatile self crease resistant, anti-crush mark and anti-abrassive agent. Excellent adjuent for jet dyeing process.

2. Natasol DFT

It is a leveling, dispersing, penetrating and exhaustion agent for polyester dyeing and beam dyeing machine. It is low foaming, Eco friendly and improves colour yield also available in powder form.

3. Natofix DF

It is a versatile dye fixing agent to improve washing fastness, and wet fastness of Direct and Reactive dyes.

4. Natofix NFDF

It is Non-Formaldehyde based Eco-friendly dye fixing agent for exportable fabric.

5. Natodefoamer

It is a highly active anti-foaming agent, and hence must be well dispersed in the medium to de-foamed. It is compatible with textile chemicals, paper industry chemicals, intermediates, oils etc.

6. Natocarrier TCB

It is based on Tric chloro- Benzene. It is an anionic swelling agent for polyester fiber or fabric in low temperature dyeing process.

7. Natamol BL

It is a high perforance acetic acid substitute and pH buffer. It is also high temperature stable and core alkali neutralizer, speciallly developed for use during dyeing and printing processes of polyester and blended fabtics.

8. Natapros DS

It is a unique product having buffer system for dyeing of Disperse and Reactive dyes in one bath process in HTHP dyeing machine.

9. Natobinder DSL

It is a high efficiency pigment printing binder, which gives excellent bright prints with excellent over all fastness on natural and synthetic fabrics.